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News | All GO for 23rd June FITASC Sporting Club Championship

We're well over our threshold for entries for Sporting event this Sunday 23rd, so we're ALL GO

If you're out there still trying to make your mind up, you can walk up on the morning by 9:30am if you must, or preferably, pop an online entry through now so we're all organised and squadded up for Sunday morning.

  • 100 FITASC Sporting event will be 50 in the AM, quick lunch time adjustments, then another 50 walk through in PM.

  • Graded Club Championships over full 100 targets Sporting

  • Cash sponsored event, with guaranteed $500 cash prizes thanks to an appreciated anonymous committee supporter.

    • $140 to HOA

    • $70 to winner of each grade (AA, A, B, C)

    • $20 to runner up each grade

Need to be a paid up club member to be eligible for champs and cash prizes. If you don't have a grade or know about all of that, we'll sort you out on the day and get you in on the game and having some fun.

Keep in mind there will be a variety of targets, including a few challenging birds, but it's the same for everyone on the day, so come and get involved and give it both barrels. Everyone welcome.

Also available will be practice on the Skeet field throughout the day. We've had xero interest in DTL practice, so NO DTL Practice will be available. Only the skeet field will be open, and you'll need to be a Wairarapa Range Officer, or have one with you to shoot Skeet practice

  • Skeet practice rounds will be available throughout the day on the Blue field

  • NO DTL practice

Entries received, with their event and practice selections as below: (As always, we'll have live results during the day on our online scoreboard, see here)

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