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Results | 100 English Scoreboard | Round 3

Updated: Apr 29

Thanks to AdamsonShaw and Kilwell Sports for supporting the Series, allowing us to put up a huge prize pool of $6,000+ value. To be distributed to all of the category winners and place-getters, plus top 20 on handicap, at the 4th and final event on 28th April.

Results for the 100 English Sporting held 24th March.

The English Game - Match 3

Off the Gun:

1st - Adam Green 93

2nd - John Hillier 90

3rd = - Tim Crum, James Mackie 88

Handicap (series points):

1st . (25) Barry Mumford

2nd . (18) Tim Crum

3rd . (15) Duncan Sutherland

4th . (12) James Mackie

5th . (10) Hayden Lourie

6th = . (6) Shane Ashforth, Richard Lourie, John Hillier

9th . (2) Adam Green

10th . (1) Tina Berkett

Details of the series can be viewed on the Series page here. Check out the Series Leaderboards on this newsfeed post.

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