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Results | 2023 FITASC Series

Updated: Jun 15

We completed the last events of our 2023 FITASC Series on 26th November, with Matches 15 and 16 being loaded into the leaderboards to give the overall results of the Series.

Prizegiving for the FITASC Series was held at the end of the day. With several thousand dollars in Kilwell vouchers up for grabs thanks to the very generous sponsorship from Kilwell Sports and AdamsonShaw.

Off The Gun was divided into categories with the highest scores from any 10 of the 16 matches counting.


1st - Hayden Lourie

2nd - Josh Lourie

3rd - Dylan Turner


1st - Tina Berkett

2nd - Tarsh Pescini

3rd - Maria Nicholls-Pokotea


1st - Greg Bishop

2nd - Tim Crum

3rd - Joe Bannister


1st - Rod Bryant

2nd - Gre Hamilton

3rd - Ross Cottle


1st - Gordon MacPhee

2nd - Don Adams

3rd - Derek Williams


1st - Adam Green

2nd - James Mackie

3rd - Reno Verde.

Adam Green's 477/500 was the highest Off The Gun score.

The Handicap Competition was done on a "targets in" basis. Handicaps were recalculated after every match and then applied to the next match. If, with handicap applied, more than one shooter was tied, the allocated points were divided equally and awarded to each shooter. These points were calculated down to two decimal places. This negated the need for any shoot offs.

With the highest 10 scores counting towards the final score, there was hardly anything separating 1st and 2nd place.

Again, thanks to the generous sponsorship from AdamsonShaw and Kilwell Sports, prizes were awarded down to 20th place.

1st - Tim Crum (114.04)

2nd - Clint Kerr (133.40)

3rd - Todd Bishop

4th - David Donald

5th - Greg Bishop

6th - Greg Hamilton

7th - Tina Berkett

8th - Joe Bannister

9th - Derek Williams

10th - Rod Bryant

11th - Alistair Burr

12th- Tony King

13th - Eddie Ng

14th - James Mackie

15th - Nick Gibbs

16th - Craig Matthews

17th - Don Adams

18th - Bert Hughes

19th - Maria Nicholls-Pokotea

20th - Karen Jurisich

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