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Results | 100 English Scoreboard | Round 1

Updated: Mar 24

Results for the 100 English Sporting held 28th January.

The English Game - Match 1

It's run and done at the first round of The English Game today at Wairarapa CTC with 100 English Sporting clays. What a great day! A brilliant group of entrants enjoying some Wairarapa sunshine and an excellent event format, with the main event finished at 2pm, and an entertaining handicap shoot off taking place in-front of the club rooms all done with Gary Girvan the victor by 2:45pm. Capped off with a few drinks in the club rooms and plenty of laughs to wrap up an ideal kick off to the 2024 series. Thanks to all for attending.

Off the Gun:

1st Craig Matthews 95

2nd John Hillier 93

3rd= Tarsh Pescini, Ashling Welch and Richard Jacobs 86

Handicap (series points):

1st Gary Girvan (25)

2nd Craig Matthews (18)

3rd Ashling Welch (15)

4th John Hillier (12)

5th Dale Morris (10)

6th Tarsh Pescini (8)

7th Shane Ashforth (6)

8th Bert Hughes (4)

9th= Richard Jacobs, Tim Crum, Andrew Welch (1)

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