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News | All The Details and Rules for The English Game Series

100 English Sporting kicks off The English Game Series this Sunday 28th at Wairarapa CTC. We've got all the details and rules for handicapping and shoot off's up on a new page on the site. Visit and check it out.

It includes an evolution of our automated handicapping system, where your name on entry is recognised in our database of scores from Sporting Series over the last two years, and an average percentage of your most recent 6 x 50 target matches is entered into a handicapping formula that gives you a 'targets in' allowance.

If you don't have 6 matches on record, no problem, even if you've never shot at Wairarapa CTC before, we've got a basis to get you started and enjoying being part of what our Club has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday 28th. Please go ahead and fill out our entry form at

See you Sunday

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