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24th & 25th SEPTEMBER 2022

SUNDAY 25th | TRAP1 | AM + PM

2022 All-Around Shotgun Championship


Sponsored by Provincial Insurance and Kilwell Sports


As clay target shooters we are quite spoilt for choice in this day and age. There are many great disciplines of clay target competition available to us all, and the Wairarapa Clay Target Club in the lower North Island is striving to offer many of them to its members in the interests of promoting all of clay target shooting. The international FITASC organisation governs a varying selection of exciting and challenging international disciplines, and the Wairarapa CTC have the facilities to throw three of them. 


The club decided this year to combine these three disciplines into an All-Around Championship to see who’s the most versatile shotgunner around these parts. We set FITASC Sporting with targets to stretch people out and challenge them with distance. Compak fields with plenty of variety at skeet ranges, and Trap1 which is an excellent international trap discipline varying greatly in height and angle. The challenge was set, and with the generous support of Provincial Insurance and Kilwell Sports, we were able to offer a $5,800 prize pool to those stepping up for the challenge.


As if the selection of international disciplines wasn’t enough, the weather forecast was foreboding and while the morning started off bearable, the weather quickly turned into a very stiff and wet southerly to turn the day into a big test for anyone. 


The sporting was set up in the old style system, with 5 traps and 3 shooting positions on one field making up a round of 25 targets. The Sporting and Compak were adjusted at lunch time to give max variation, as everyone worked through 50 targets of each discipline to arrive at a total out of 150 by the end of the day. Instead of trying to work some formula to arrive at a grading for each competitor, we used a simple ‘targets in’ allocated to each shooter based on their Sporting, Compak and DTL percentage rule off’s, that allowed us to award shooters on a Handicap system and give everyone a shot at the big money prizes despite their experience and grading. The proof of the system was when we handed a $1000 Kilwell voucher to Junior shooter Dylan Turner! It was great to see Dylan, who is doing well at the secondary school DTL and Skeet, turn out to try the international disciplines, and it was like watching a duck take to water. The remaining nine places went to a mix of shooters from different grades all taking a very healthy share of Kilwell dollars.


The quality of entrants was top notch, with many of the best competitors in this part of the North Island turning out. The competition on outright Off Gun scores was tight too, as people gathered around the scoreboard at half time. James Mackie on 71/75 with Adam Green and Craig Matthews both on 69. As we got into the afternoon and the really atrocious weather, Adam Green showed huge skill to run the last 25 of the challenging sporting targets and let only one slide in the afternoon Compak. The intensity was increasing while the rain got more sideways, but James Mackie managed to hang onto his lead, shooting 50 straight Trap1 and stay in the 140’s taking the Off Gun and Open category win on 143/150. Adam runner up on 139 with Craig tightly on his heels with 138 taking third, and also the Senior category. Rod Bryant won the Veterans, Al Markham Masters and Dylan Turner Junior, Tash Pescini Lady.


Thank you to those who turned out to support the event and the sponsors putting support into our clay target shooting sports. Thank you to Provincial Insurance and Kilwell Sports for being valued proponents of our game. 


Full results



Junior | Dylan Turner - 114

Lady | Tash Pescini -  103

Senior | Craig Matthews – 138

Veteran | Rod Bryant – 125

Master | Al Markham – 102


Handicap (Targets in):

Winner | Dylan Turner – 38 targets in + 114 Off Gun = 152

2nd | James Mackie – 3 targets in + 143 Off Gun = 146

3rd | Adam Green – 4 targets in + 139 Off Gun = 143 + 1 s/off

4th | Craig Matthews – 5 targets in + 138 Off Gun = 143 + 0 s/off

5th | Sohaib Majid – 21 targets in + 121 Off Gun = 142

6th | Trinity Batt – 13 targets in + 123 Off Gun = 136

7th equal | Richard Jacobs – 12 targets in + 123 Off Gun = 135

7th equal | Jason Saunders – 5 targets in + 130 Off Gun = 135

9th equal | Tim Crum – 20 targets in + 111 Off Gun = 131

9th equal | Steve Anslow – 19 targets in + 112 Off Gun = 131


Off Gun Overall (Open Category):

Winner | James Mackie – 143

Runner-up | Adam Green – 139

Third | Craig Matthews - 138

All-Arond Report
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