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After a successful inaugural Series of Compak in 2022, we're running something similar for 2023. We'll still be running a Series using handicap to create an equal playing field based on participants experience and ability (by targets in method, similar to golf handicap) but with a few key changes!

The 2023 series will include FITASC Sporting alongside FITASC Compak! The FITASC sporting will be shot by the single field method, where 5 traps and 3 shooting stands make up a round of 25 targets. Compak will be on the field next door, run in the normal 5 stand, 6 trap method. Both disciplines will be run with standard 6 person squads.

The series will remain 50 target matches (25 FITASC Sporting + 25 FITASC Compak), and there will be 16 of them throughout the 2023 year, spread over the majority of the clubs regular club days on the 4th Sunday of the month. Each one of these 50 target sessions forms one Championship Series qualifying match. See the dates here. For 2023, unlike 2022, we won't be running shoot off's and sweeps on each 50 target match. If there are any ties in the top 10, they will share the available Championship points. See further information in Match & Series Details 

Regular club days will have two matches. One morning session from 10am-1pm, and an afternoon session from 1pm - 4pm. The targets will be reset after the morning session to create a fresh target set for the afternoon match. This means any shooter can attend either match, to post one Series score, or shoot both matches to post two Series scores in one day.

We're proud to have the support of Kilwell Sports and AdamsonShaw for our FITASC Series of events.

Kilwell is a name synonymous with shooting sports in NZ. Supplying the machines we throw targets with and the targets themselves among numerous other shooting fishing and outdoor brands. We are privileged to have the ongoing support of Kilwell Sports.

AdamsonShaw provide Surveying, Planning, Land development and subdivision services to Wellington, Porirua and Wairarapa regions. We're proud to have such an established reputable brand join us in progressing the sport.

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