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A Championship Series of Compak matches is being held over the 2022 calendar year at Wairarapa Clay Target Club. The Series is handicapped using a targets in method, creating an equal playing field based on participants experience and ability. Anyone has an equal chance of becoming Series Champion.


There are 16 scheduled sessions of 50 target FITASC Compak, spread over the majority of the clubs 4th Sunday of the month club days. Each one of these 50 target sessions forms one Championship Series qualifying match. See the dates here


The club days have two matches. One morning session from 10am-1pm, and an afternoon session from 1pm - 4pm. For the two matches that are on the same day, the targets will be reset after the morning session to create a fresh target set for the afternoon match. This means any shooter can attend either match, to post one Series score, or shoot both matches to post two Series scores in one day.

We're proud to have the support of Kilwell Sports for our Compak Series of events. Kilwell are a huge part of shooting, hunting and fishing in New Zealand, and are big supporters of everything clay target shooting. Visit them at and

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